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About Us


The journey started back in 2017 when a relative of mine from Delhi visited me in my hometown in Punjab. The moment he entered my place, and I sniffed the fragrance that he was wearing something triggered inside me. The old school musk scent made a place in my mind and at that very moment, I went back to 25 years straight. Then I realized, my maternal uncle used to wear the same scent when he used to visit us from the United States of America in my childhood.

That is when I discovered that perfumes have a strong connection with emotions and memories. This thought kept on evolving in my mind and with sheer hard work I came up with my designer perfume brand.

– – Karan  Grover 

Our range of perfumes has exotic fragrances that are best suited for daily use as well as for special occasions. We are a designer perfume house and manufacture perfumes in a limited batch. All our fragrances are hand-crafted and made with ethically sourced ingredients.

At Karan V Grover, we believe that beautiful moments can be captured and remembered by fragrances. Our fundamental belief has driven us to create a collection of scents that are crafted using the best ingredients from around the world. 

Perfume making is an art of proportions and fine balance. Each and every scent is blended, measured, and formulated by hand. All our raw materials are freshly sourced.

We make sure that rigorous standards of sustainability, safety, and transparency are followed.
We promise to plant a tree with each order you place online.
We aim to infuse old classics with modern aromas

Why Choose Us?

Best Hand Crafted Perfume in India

Unique Scents

All our fragrances are formulated in-house and we don’t create duplicates of famous brands.

Fresh Ingredients

We use only long-lasting and ethically-sourced raw ingredients in our fragrance collection.

Fair Means

We value traditional techniques and fair-trading practices and keep this as our priority.


All our scents are crafted in small batches as they are exclusively made as per order.


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Mesmerizing and sensational fragrances designed for both him and her.