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Every fragrance narrates a story. Fragrances are silent yet powerful extensions of our personalities, hopes, dreams and inner-most desires enclosed in a bottle. All our perfumes are made in small batches and are catered carefully to suit different styles and personalities

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Introducing our captivating new fragrance- High Class, a symphony of invigoration that dances on your skin. Ignite your passion and stay revitalized throughout the day. Unleash the dynamic aura within you and let our perfume be your constant source of energy and enthusiasm.

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Arabic RoseAn exquisite fragrance

Her lustrous eyes were hiding a romance from the past, it was a passionate love story that she thought will last forever. She believed that her fairytale love story will be remembered always. In a secluded place, a lovely flower still grows against the harsh weather, and in the same way, her love will keep flourishing. Against all odds, her love will last till infinity.

Arabic rose is a showstopper fragrance with syrupy roses paired with vanilla and loban, then the trail followed with patchouli and oud.

Satin FloraA mysterious fragrance

The moment he saw her dancing in the lively orchid valley, his heart skipped a beat. Wearing her ballet shoes, she was dancing her heart out on her toes. As the sun rays touched her soft cheeks, her face glows up. At that time, he knew he was madly in love with her chocolaty energy. Their eyes met for the very first time, and it felt like a heavenly abode.

Satin Flora is a Unique fragrance with lilac and fragrant lotus combined with ylang-ylang, truffles and chocolates to give a gourmand touch to the fragrance.

 Royal JaisalmerAn imperial fragrance

From the hidden treasures of the golden city of India, a royal fragrance endowed by the Kings and Queens of ancient times. Just when the first rays of the scorching golden sun touch the golden sand and the sandstone, a bold scent arises. Showing their valor at the battlefield and bringing in a gem ingredient Saffron from the Iran, and later mixing it with dried Cumin comes a magnificent fragrance.

Royal Jaisalmer is a charismatic fragrance with saffron and agarwood, which are later blended with dried cumin and spiced cardamon.

Misr OudA divine fragrance

In the land of pharaohs, perfumes are being made for the last 5000 years. Using ancient oud, they strengthen their connection with Gods in a pious manner. A lingering scent which no one has ever smelled since years and the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra must have worn carrying spicy and musky accords. Taking the culture ahead with Madonna lilies and honey, this angelic scent is blended with the richness of labdanum.

Misr Oud is a ravishing fragrance made with the combination of two rich ingredients, cedarwood, and agarwood and later induced with rose and patchouli.

Candy ExtremeA graceful fragrance

Taking you back to your childhood days, wherewith your bunch of friends you ran freely in the beautiful jasmine fields. Just when you first sniff the enchanting fragrance of fresh Jasmines, you reach a magical land. There you catch the soft leathery essence of saffron threads tied to Amberwood crystal giving you an unimaginable experience. Then you hear a similar voice in your ears, and you see your mother calling you from a distance to take you home before the raven night.

Candy Extreme is an elegant fragrance made with sacred saffron and fresh white jasmine blended right away with Ambergris and resins.

Elite PackA Luxury Pack

We believe that beautiful moments can be captured and remembered by fragrances. Our fundamental belief has driven us to create a collection of scents that are crafted using the best ingredients from around the world. To enhance your gifting experience in the best possible way, we have got you the choice of selecting any of our two premium fragrances and gifting them to your loved ones in our Luxury Trunk.

Gifting is an essential part of your daily life and making the right choice is equally important. We believe that it is vital to give something with a personal touch to the receiver and that is why we came up with the idea of our Luxury Elite Pack.

You can choose any two fragrances from our hand-crafted perfume collection to gift to your loved ones that will be packed in our premium trunks. 

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