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At Karan V Grover, we believe that beautiful moments can be captured and remembered by fragrances. Our fundamental belief has driven us to create a collection of scents that are crafted using the best ingredients from around the world.

Why Should You Add Designer Fragrances to Your Collection?

If you love wearing perfumes, then have you ever tried your hands on a designer fragrance. Such fragrances are expensive and have a very long-lasting aroma as well. Fragrances say a lot about your personality and choosing a fragrance is really a complicated process. Designer perfumes are fragrances that are created by a famous designer. Designer perfumes are generally sold at a higher price than normal perfumes because they have the name of a designer attached to them. Along with this, such scents are expensive because they have the composition of some of the rare ingredients from around the world and natural essential oils.

Ingredients play a very important role in driving the sales of designer perfumes. Some of the designer perfumes contain very rare and expensive ingredients. The quality and usage of ingredients add to the value of the designer perfume. Some of the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of such perfumes are Jasmine, Ambergris, Oud, Bulgarian rose, etc. designer perfumes use natural notes in their scents instead of synthetic fragrances. The mixture of such natural notes in the top, middle, and base of the fragrance makes designer perfumes aromatic and long-lasting.

Getting yourself a designer perfume that suits your personality is a complex process. This is because before investing in such a product you need to make sure that all the parameters are in your favor. Though picking the right fragrance is as important as applying the fragrance in the right way. Designer perfumes work on the principle of quality over quantity. When it comes to picking up a designer fragrance it is important to keep your budget and usage into consideration. The real deal in designer fragrances is the base notes as they stay for the longest time.

Let’s see why adding designer perfumes to your collection will ace up your fragrance game-

Unique scent

Designer perfumes have unique fragrances because of the intermingling of high-quality quotes in them. Though designer perfumes are expensive and not everyone can afford one for themselves, if you ever get a chance, get yourself one. Mostly all designer perfumes are made with natural ingredients, they have the power to enhance natural beauty. It is rightly said that if you want to leave an impression, you should definitely go with a designer fragrance. You should rather add one expensive designer perfume to your collection than going for multiple cheap fragrances.

Long-lasting scents

You may have noticed that cheap perfumes do not last for a long time because they are made up of synthetic ingredients. As designer perfumes are made with high-quality ingredients they last for a long time. They are made with ingredients, that can last throughout the day. You just need to spray your favorite perfume on your pulse points, and you will be able to turn heads wherever you go. So, if you want to stick out from the crowd and impress everyone purchase a designer perfume.


When you choose a designer perfume for yourself, you are actually saving money. This is because as such perfumes are made with high-grade ingredients, they stay on your clothes for a long time. You need not spray the perfume over and over again as just 2-3 sprays are enough to keep you fresh all day. As the application of designer perfumes is not much, you don’t need to buy perfume frequently.

So, what’s stopping you now from getting your hands on a designer perfume? It’s time to revamp your perfume collection.

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