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Tricks To Make Your Perfume Last Long This Summer

Are you wondering how you can make your favourite perfume last longer this summer season? You don’t need to empty your bottle completely to feel fresh and energetic all day. All you need to do is follow some tricks, and your signature scent will stay on you for a long time. We love to smell lively all day but hate it when the fragrance wears off at midday. 

Summers are all citrusy and floral fragrances like oranges, berries, mandarins, lemons, roses, vanilla, jasmine, lilies, sandalwood, and other sweet accords. Such fragrances are lightweight and uplift your mood in the right manner.

Let’s look out for some ways so that your perfume last longer this summer season-

  • Apply On Your Pulse Points

We have been hearing for a long time that wearing scents on your pulse points can make them last longer, and it is hard to believe that this fact is actually true. When we wear perfumes on pulse points like behind the ears, the back of your knees and wrists, on your neck, etc, they stay on us for a longer period of time. The skin at such points is thin and close to the blood and body heat, which aids in fragrance diffusion.

  • Use After Shower

After a shower, your skin is clean and sweat-free. The pores are open, and your skin stays hydrated naturally, which helps hold the fragrance. When we get out of the shower, our body temperature is high, and the fragrance remains on our bodies for a long time. Pat dry your body and moisturize your skin, and then the moisture will let the fragrance stay for a long time. This is one of the best ways to make your fragrance last longer.

  • Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

We always notice that people rub their wrists together after applying a scent. This is a big no, as it lets in the breaking of the top notes, way too early. When you rub your wrists, the notes break down, and you can’t smell the scent in the right way. Instead, the best that you can do is to tap your wrists and dab them on your wrist, neck, or other body parts to increase their longevity without messing with the notes.

  • Layer It Rightly

If you master the art of layering perfumes, then you will feel fresh all day throughout the bright days of summer. Layering does not mean blending different perfumes with completely different accords. You should go for body butter, scented lotions, and body oils to ensure that your fragrance stays longer. This way, you will add more depth to your fragrance, and it will last for a long time.

  • Know About Concentration

Concentration is a term that is commonly associated with perfumes. For the summer season, you need a fragrance that is lightweight and refreshing. Some perfumes are lighter, and some are intense. The concentration of the perfume is the main factor that determines how long a perfume will last. Eau de Toilette is lighter in weight in comparison to Eau de Parfum. 

Try out these tips if you really want to smell differently this summer season. 

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